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The programming language

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Note: Ananke is currently not implemented. Work is ongoing to build a reference compiler. check out the repo.

For syntax examples, check back soon.

There is a WIP editor: the editor


Ananke is a compiled application programming language that throws away a lot of conventions. The pay off is deep consistency and composability. There's a focus on static analysis and correctness, balanced with flexibility and expressivity through duck typing and an expressive grammar.

Syntax: Ergonomic to read and write Grammar: Simple and compact Features: Orthogonal concerns handled orthogonally Semantics: Consistent Typesystem: Intelligent and flexible, constraining only where relevant Experience: Things just work: the compiler will figure it out Language: Powerful and free of dogma

You should be given all the power. It is up to you, the chef, to not turn delicious, exotic, and rare ingredients into demonic spaghetti.

If you want to use the best tool for the job, what good is a toolbox that doesn't have it?

Notable Features

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